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How to install?
- There is help file inside the archive :)
How to feed your website with many URLs like in my site?
- Calm, bots will find your site and they will put links. You can write letter to:
| | | | | | | | | | |
...and to other such backlinks builders/submitters
Ask them to adding your website and show them API bellow.
They will feed your website with URLs ... They will add your website to their programm logic/list with websites like mine (, and when somebody submit URL in website like: e.g., then this URL will comes to your website.
As whole your site will be visited from many bots, and not from many people :)
Is this good SEO?
- NO :)


What will be your API?
With simple GET Method
You must write this in the letter :) Just show your API, and they know what to do.


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